The Medici Foundation

The Medici Foundation

The Literary Affairs Medici Foundation
is a nonprofit organization formed by Julie Robinson and the Medici Founding Patrons. Our mission is to create and support literary programs that foster empathy and explore the human experience. We believe that by making books available, increasing reading proficiency and developing critical thinking and leadership skills, at risk youth in under-served communities can improve their educational and professional potential leading to a better quality of life.

The Literary Affairs Medici Foundation
will continue the Literary Affairs tradition of awarding yearly The Medici Book Club Prize. This National Literary prize is to recognize a distinguished work of fiction that has inspired thoughtful conversation and contributed to a deeper understanding of the human experience. The $5,000 award is the first annual national prize given to acknowledge the tremendous impact that book club selections have on readers and to spotlight the transformative power of great works of literature.

The Medici Foundation is proud to partner with The National Book Foundation and
The University of Southern California to bring the national program of BookUp to the city of Los Angeles.

View the BookUp Video to see how this after school reading program for middle school students is changing lives.

About Our Partners:

BookUp, the National Book Foundation’s reading program for under-served communities, is changing lives and inspiring readers across the country. BookUp connects published authors with young readers, and, through field trips to local libraries and bookstores, helps those students learn to engage and encounter literature. To date, BookUp has given its students over 25,000 books free of charge.

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The University of Southern California Family of Schools
consists of 15 schools surrounding the University Park and Health Sciences campuses. The program focuses on providing a quality education to the 17,000 children in the local neighborhoods. More than 4,500 USC students, faculty, and staff work with thousands of parents, teachers, school administrators, neighbors, police officers, and other community representatives. They strive to make the community’s rich resources — including its institutions of higher learning, museums, libraries, and recreational facilities — accessible to neighborhood children.

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The Literary Affairs Medici Foundation
Board of Directors

Julie Robinson: Chairman of the Board
John Kusmiersky: Treasurer

Members of the Board

Kim Allen-Niesen
Helaine Blatt
Laurie Ember
Linleigh Richker
Linda Rosman
Rina Scott
Joanne Solov
Laura Strauss