Catherine Opie: Portraits at The Hammer Museum

Catherine Opie: Portraits at The Hammer Museum

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Colum McCann’s recent novella Thirteen Ways of Looking tells the story of a retired judge’s last day. This day is reflective of his life and is captured by multiple cameras throughout the narrative. Like fiction the aim of many mediums of art is to capture the essence of a life.

Literary Affairs partners with Art Muse LA to present a 90-minute gallery discussion on representation in literary and visual arts.  Taking Catherine Opie’s magisterial portraits as a starting point, guided viewing includes Opie’s photographs and Old Master paintings from the Armand Hammer collection.

*Art Muse Los Angeles is a community of art historians, artists and educators who offer small groups private museum tours throughout the LA region. We are dedicated scholars and enthusiasts who enjoy sharing our knowledge of art with a lay audience as well as connoisseurs and collectors. Our tours draw on current research and a range of approaches to inspire curiosity, encourage close looking and invite dialogue. In an increasingly virtual world, we promise an authentic experience of unique art works viewed in the real-world context of the museum.

*Catherine Opie: Portraits is a series of 12 photographic portraits of visual artists, fashion designers and writers. Her work engages directly with old master portraiture.

The Hammer Museum
Wednesday, April 6
Ticket: $55