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About Literary Affairs

In business for over a decade, Literary Affairs’ mission is to promote great literature and foster a community of book lovers in Southern California. The brainchild of lifelong bibliophile and entrepreneur Julie Robinson, Literary Affairs is unique in its commitment to offering a full range of services tailored to the literary lifestyle, including book clubs, conversations with acclaimed authors in intimate locales, literary travel adventures, and an annual fall book festival. As facilitators of over 40 book clubs per month all over Los Angeles, we know that we are not alone in feeling that reading books enriches our lives, makes us more human and helps us better understand and have compassion for the world we live in.

Literary Affairs provides facilitators for private book clubs as well as consultation on book selection and content.

We create unique literary events for private parties, charities and corporate events.

Julie attracts celebrated international authors to her salons packed with avid readers. The authors share their insights, answer questions, sign books, and share laughs and memorable moments with readers in unique venues.

For the adventurous book lover, Julie leads intimate treks to far-flung destinations like Morocco, Prague and India, bringing to full-bodied life the settings of some of our favorite literature. Julie leads discussions of carefully curated texts in the very places that inspired the authors, giving travelers quintessential cultural experiences similar to the characters they read about.

When a studio has a book-adaptation movie to promote, one of the first people they contact is Julie. She hosts the director as well as the book author at special preview screenings for her readers. And as always, great food and discussions ensue.

Bringing her love of classics to a broader audience, Julie’s Luncheon Lecture Series have become one of the hottest tickets in town. Julie brings in popular university professors to the Beverly Hills Country Club to talk to about 60 avid readers, who dine and discuss great literature together. English class was never this much fun. Series include The Jane Austen Book Club, War and Peace, Southern Writers, and most recently The American Experience.